Although NBH may be familiar as guitarist / vocalist with Alt. bluegrassers The Coal Porters, he also steps out as a solo act, performing original material in the roots/ Americana vein, but with a distinct brogue - some years ago the venerable Proclaimers convinced the young NBH that he should sing in a geographically non-specific Scots accent.

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Neil performs solo or with accomplices - ranging from percussionist Billy Muir, to Coal Porters comrades Gemma White and Paul Fitzgerald. right up to The Dirty Little Acoustic Band 






Having played in a selection of Scottish outfits, came to London and hooked up with various acts on the busking / alternative cabaret scene, spent a few years as “Scots Billy Bragg” spanning music & cabaret / comedy circuits - decided to focus on music after an unnamed Scottish comedy producer unwisely suggested abandoning the guitar.... formed pre-grunge power trio Handsome - made vinyl records.

Decided to focus on playing rather than endless band-administration and had musical adventures such as co-ordinating 25 Louie-Louie playing guitarists for comic & provocateur Mark Thomas, developing a steel guitar habit - precipitating a memorable summer spent in the Hank Williams bio-musical “Pills Thrills & Backaches” (“Hank” became Count Arthur Strong...) a brief tenure followed in suit-rockers Avalanche (“Marti Pellow meets the Bad Seeds..”) Then relented and formed a new outfit The Trophy Husbands, playing proper twanging country music. This led to being co-opted into Sid Griffin’s Western Electric and The Coal Porters... so we’re back at the top.

© 2020 Neil Bob Herd.

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